Kids Nursery in Mossley Hill

Kids Nursery in Mossley HillFinding the most suitable kids nursery in Mossley Hill is definitely one of the biggest decisions you will make in the life of your child. We are not a normal or run of the mill children’s nursery. You will be pleased to see the amount of care and attention that is given to the children at our nursery. Like a small plant, the children at Kiddy Factory are given all the necessary ingredients to thrive and blossom. They arrive as little things and leave as confident and healthy children, thanks to the time they spend here. The formative years are important development years in a child’s life, and children who are fortunate enough to spend their nursery years in a happy, secure nursery environment will confidently be able to face the challenges that primary school brings.

Are you in need of a nursery for your little one? In Mossley Hill, kids nursery includes all the elements to ensure a child’s wholistic development. Here, we guide the child in all areas of his development so that he grows into a confident, happy child. We are proud of the nurturing and loving environment of our nursery. Each child is unique and here they are allowed to play and learn at their own pace, enjoy the company of their friends and develop into sociable, confident children. Our staff are dedicated professionals and practise the high values we believe in and teach.  We accept children from when they are 6 weeks old, up until 5-year-old children. Each age group has a dedicated classroom to call their own, equipped with age appropriate materials to support their learning.

A kids nursery in Mossley Hill is an exciting place where you will be happy to leave your child during the day. Contact Kiddy Factory to find out more information about our kids nursery. As many children’s parents work throughout the day, we provide delicious meals for the children. All the food is freshly prepared on site by our chef, who delights in creating nutritional meals for the children. If you would like to pay us a visit, you are more than welcome.

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