Child Day Care Centre in Allerton

child day care centre in AllertonWhen you need a child day care centre in Allerton, look for a facility that you can trust to not only care for your child, but nurture them. Young children need to be stimulated with various type of game and learning experiences so they develop their minds and have ways to exercise and release some of their energy. Finding a place where you are comfortable with may take some searching. It is important that the facility has a play area for children of various ages, as well as freshly prepared meals. When searching for a day care for your child, visit the centre unannounced to see what it is like during a normal day. Look for a centre with an experienced team of care givers who have a solid reputation for quality child care.

No matter what age your child is in Allerton, child day care centre services with an experienced staff is available at Kiddy Factory. We have over 35 years’ experience in the business. Carmen Evans has been in day care for 15 years, while Sandra has 35 years in the business. We take great pride in the experience of the children who stay with us. We want them to be happy and engaged in age appropriate activities during the day. They learn socialisation skills as well, learning to get along with other children. We have 11 activity rooms with toys and play equipment. There is a separate nursery for babies. We also have two toddler rooms, with experienced staff members watching the children. A fully equipped gymnasium is also available so the children get plenty of exercise. Children have a safe, secure outdoor play area. Children receive nutritious and delicious meals that are freshly prepared in our kitchen.

For an experienced child day care centre in Allerton, contact Kiddy Factory. We will answer any questions you may have. You can depend on us to care for your children as though they were our own.

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