Day Nursery in Wavertree

Day Nursery in WavertreeWhat words come to mind when you think about the ideal day nursery in Wavertree for your child? Probably clean, bright, loving, safe and educational are a few descriptive words that would apply to your choice of a day nursery. No child deserves less than a wholesome environment where he or she can grow and develop readiness for school. They should have opportunity to develop social skills and manners. All of that learning and growing should take place in an atmosphere of fun and love. For over twenty years our day nursery has provided the ideal place for children. Ours is a family owned day nursery who are hands on managers. We have had very low turnover in staff and each member is carefully selected. The healthy meals and snacks we serve are freshly prepared in our own kitchen by our own chef.

We have a lovely and quiet infant room where each baby has his or her own crib and mobile because we believe familiarity is comforting for infants. In Wavertree, our day nursery staffs the room with a loving staff that holds babies for feeding and cuddling with plenty of verbal and visual stimulation. A careful schedule is maintained because we believe that also is comforting to baby. Our toddler room is filled with bright colours and educational age appropriate toys. This is where your child will find his feet, learn to feed himself at table and interact with others. Our preschool will give your child the skills needed to feel confident when starting school. There is always plenty of playtime both inside and out to develop small and large motor skills.

Parents searching for the ideal day nursery in Wavertree will find our nursery to be everything for which they hoped. We believe in maintaining open communication with parents at all times and addressing any concerns you have. These are your children and we are grateful to share these early years of their growth and development. To find out more about our day nursery, contact Kiddy Factory. You are also welcome to come by and spend some time with us. We can schedule a tour of the facility so you can see first-hand why children thrive under our care.

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