Child Day Care Centre in Hunts Cross

Child Day Care Centre in Hunts CrossA child day care centre in Hunts Cross is one of the most important choices in your child’s educational life. Children need to learn how to behave with their peers. To try and socialise a child of 5 who is ready for school is too late. We accept babies from the age of 6 weeks as that is normally when Mum has to go back to work. If you are lucky to be able to stay home with your little one for a longer period then you may want to start them coming to our nursery at the age of about 2 or 3. This gives them time to learn how to make friends before they start with any proper educational lessons.

You need to be very selective when choosing a decent nursery. In Hunts Cross, a child day care centre can be extremely beneficial to your little one. Most parents are not qualified to be able to teach children and often do not have the time. Parents these days work long hours to make ends meet and few have the extra time it takes to adequately teach a child to read. Our staff are all qualified for child care and teaching. We start them off very slowly and make learning fun. Parents can help by reading stories to their little ones before bedtime and the children are always so proud to take home their artwork.

Child day care centre in Hunts Cross teaches your child to be independent. Contact Kiddy Factory today to find out more about our child day care centre. You are also welcome to pop in for a visit. We are always happy to show parents around so that they can see how happy and safe their children will be with us. Our chef provides healthy and nutritious meals for the children including baby meals. Meals are a time for socialising and sharing with friends and experimenting with new types of food. We encourage good manners at the table as well as hygiene. You will notice the beneficial changes in your child at home.

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