Childcare Centre in Garston

 Childcare Centre in Garston Some things never change, and a childcare centre in Garston knows that first impressions, as they have always been, are seriously important. A quick glance around a childcare centre by first-time parents will tell them in the first few seconds whether this will be a suitable second home for their precious tiny tot. At Kiddy Factory, we’re confident that our bright, airy, welcoming, friendly, open policy childcare centre impresses every time. We have some strict policies which we have put in place for the safety and benefit of all our children. We make sure our daycare centre has age-appropriate rooms, toys and facilities. We ensure that your tiny newborn has their own tranquil area where they can quietly achieve their first milestones. A newborn needs a separate space from the other older children. The older children are more developed and can become quite boisterous, this will completely disrupt a newborn, and we ensure that every child will have their own space that will cater to their requirements and allow them to learn and grow.

While our beautiful childcare centre offers plenty of fun and excitement throughout the day, we make sure we follow structured schedules too. In Garston, a childcare centre which truly provides a good education and care for children has a time to play, a time to rest and a time for meals. Our children have plenty of opportunities to run and play outside in the fresh air, but there are enthralling story time periods as well. We believe that an organised curriculum of fun and games combined with quiet times benefits a child and they thrive on the routine.

We look at each child who comes through our doors as special. The environment we provide ensures that each child is allowed to be unique. No child is pushed or bullied and they simply grow in confidence as they learn to play and share happily with the other children and the staff. To maintain healthy minds and bodies, our children enjoy nutritious, carefully planned meals which ensure they are ready to embrace everything our wonderful daycare centre offers.

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