Childcare in Halewood

Childcare in HalewoodLooking for childcare in Halewood can be scary for parents. The idea of leaving our children with people we barely know can be terrifying but in a tough economy, we are often left with no choice. We want our children to be in the arms of caretakers who not only excel at meeting their basic needs, but also strive to meet their emotional needs and help them meet their developmental milestones. As loving parents, we know that nobody can take care of our children as well as we do, so we seek the closest we can find in our childcare providers. That search is often stressful and emotional. The average parent of a large city visits between 10 and 20 different childcare centres that are within their driving and price range. If they’re lucky, maybe 2 or 3 will fit the absolute minimum requirements for quality childcare for their children.

For the parents of children of Halewood, one childcare centre and nursery has been surpassing parents’ expectations for over 20 years. Kiddy Factory takes a refreshingly modern approach to providing an educational, stimulating and nurturing environment that is individually designed around each and every child from 6-weeks-old to 5-years-old. With highly trained staff and age-appropriate lesson plans, your children are guaranteed to benefit from spending time with the staff and other children at Kiddy Factory. They also provide nutritious and delicious meals to the children in their care. All meals are prepared on site by their chef, using only the freshest ingredients.

All it takes is a quick ring or visit to find out what childcare in Halewood can do for your special little ones. If you are looking for quality and secure childcare for your child, contact Kiddy Factory. Conveniently located in the Estuary Commerce Park on the Corner of Windward Drive and Leeward Drive, the staff is always eager to address any enquiries you may have and invite you to pop in for a surprise visit any time you wish.

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