Childcare in Netherton

Childcare in NethertonIf you are looking for a high regarded nursery for childcare in Netherton, speak to Kiddy Factory. As a well established nursery with many years of experience, you can be sure that your child will be well cared for and loved. Our staff is highly educated and dedicated to the children in their care. As a family run business, we place a large emphasis on the family values that we all hold dear. We also take great pride in our unique concept, the top quality and dedication of our staff, our excellent facilities and our open relationship with both parents and children.

When it is time to return to work after your maternity leave in Netherton, childcare that meets the needs of your child is high on your list. At Kiddy Factory, we look after children as young as 6 weeks old. They are cared for with love and the attention they need. All the babies have their own cot in a bright, airy and cheerful baby room. They have the age appropriate toys to play with, stimulate and comfort them. You will also receive a daily record of the happenings in your baby’s life while he is in our care. This way you are kept informed of every aspect of his life while you are away at work. Notes are made to mark special occasions, such as his first tooth, or learning to crawl or the first time he sat unaided.

Choosing the most suitable childcare in Netherton is an important decision. Contact Kiddy Factory today to find out more about our childcare facilities. You are also most welcome to pay us a visit and have a look at the facilities available for your baby. You will notice the warm and loving interaction between the teachers and the children, and the children with each other. You will also notice how happy and nurturing the environment is for the children. We take our roles and responsibilities extremely seriously here at Kiddy Factory. Our nursery is secure and all are safe and well cared for.

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