Child Nursery in Tarbock Green

Child Nursery in Tarbock GreenWhen you look for a child nursery in Tarbock Green, there are some all important things you should insist on. After all you’re putting the life of your precious child into the hands of somebody else. Children thrive on order and routine and you want to know that your tiny baby isn’t going to be trodden over by unruly 5 year olds. You also want to know that your 5 year old will be well stimulated by age appropriate toys and that can use up their energy outside in the fresh air and sunshine. At Kiddy Factory we feel confident that you’ll be pleased with what we can offer your child.   We cater for little ones from 6 weeks to 5 years of age and you’ll appreciate what you see and experience at our child-happy place.

At Kiddy Factory, we encourage children to be unique and thoughtful in the nurturing environment we provide them with. In Tarbock Green, a child nursery ought to be a wonderful place, and that’s precisely what we offer at Kiddy Factory. Your child will grow up confidently and be well equipped to take their place at ‘big school’. We’ve got dedicated, enthusiastic, interested staff and we all strive to maintain excellent relationships with the parents of each child. We invite parents to pop in any time they like. You’ll find that your child loves coming to our child nursery because it’s bright, cheerful, clean and safe and the children love the finger-licking, nutritious meals specially prepared for them.

When you are looking for a child nursery in Tarbock Green, why not come and look at what we can offer your child? Every parent wants to drop their children off at a child nursery and know that their precious bundle will be happy, safe and content throughout the day. If you are looking for a suitable child nursery for your child, contact Kiddy Factory. We make sure that at Kiddy Factory, this is your child’s awesome second home.

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