Child Day Care Centre in Otterspool

Child Day Care Centre in OtterspoolChoose the right child day care centre in Otterspool to make sure your precious little ones are safe and happy. At Kiddy Factory, we provide top-quality services for children between the ages of six weeks and five years. Our facilities are designed to provide excellent stimulation, comfort and safety to each and every child on our premises. The warm, caring atmosphere that prevails at our centre ensures that your child looks forward to being dropped off with us every morning. These early experiences hold a great significance for the social and emotional aspects of your child’s personality. They learn co-operation, etiquette, social behavior, emotional intelligence and this goes a long way in predicting their future success in life and work. They also have the space and freedom to explore the world in a completely safe and supervised environment.

We have a range of educational and developmental facilities for our little guests. In Otterspool, child day care centre facilities provided by us are targeted to the demands and capabilities of each age group. For instance, our baby room cares for infants from six weeks to 12 months of age. They have their own cots and soon learn to recognise the familiar sights, sounds and surroundings. We have a huge selection of toys, games and books suited to their age. Babies are assigned to the care of a qualified, trained and experienced nurse who keeps detailed notes on your baby’s progress. Special occasions like baby’s first step, first word, sitting up for the first time, first tooth etc will be documented so that you don’t miss anything. We also take regular photos of your child to document progress and build a bank of memories for you to enjoy in future. Mums and Dads are welcome to visit at designated times.

Older children at the child day care centre in Otterspool can enjoy nutritious, well-cooked and tasty meals. These are hygienically-prepared in our special kitchen and range from weaning foods to healthy options for bigger kids. For more details about our child day care centre, contact Kiddy Factory.  Play time and meal times can be fun, as children learn to co-operate with each other.

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