Day Nursery in Tarbock Green

Day Nursery in Tarbock GreenIf you are wondering where to find a well-run day nursery in Tarbock green, speak to Kiddy Factory. Choosing a day nursery for your child can be difficult. It will be your child’s home away from home, so you’ll want to be certain that he will receive the care and attention as he would at home. You are welcome to pay us a visit and see just how content and well-cared for our children are.

For parents in Tarbock Green, a day nursery needs to meet certain requirements. It must be safe and secure, and rooms need to be well-planned to meet the needs of the children. The staff should be compassionate, experienced and qualified in child care. The children should be content and happy within the daily routine of the day nursery. We offer all of this and more. Known as one of the leading day care centres in Liverpool, and we take great pride in the efficient and professional service we offer. Your child’s well-being and safety is our priority, and we provide a safe, happy and secure environment for all the children in our care.  Our baby room, which caters for 6 week old to 12 month is airy, bright and colourfully decorated with babies in mind. Each baby has his own cot, and soon learns to recognise the sight and sound of his own mobile. We have separate rooms for each age group, and our toddler room is also brightly decorated, and filled with educational toys designed to stimulate their development.

Our day nursery in Tarbock Green offers more than just colourfully painted and airy rooms for toddlers and babies. We are family run business, with family values instilled. Our staff are skilled, experienced and qualified, and above all, are loving and caring towards the children in our day nursery. For more information about our day nursery, contact Kiddy Factory. We prepare meals for the children on-site, and all are healthy, nutritious and delicious. Our babies receive freshly prepared meals and we also provide options for special diets. When you bring your child to our day nursery, you can be confident in the knowledge is happy, safe and well-cared for in your absence.

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