Kids Nursery in Norris Green

CKids Nursery in Norris GreenAt our kids nursery in Norris Green, we cater for children from the age of 6 weeks to 5 years old. The fresh, seasonal mouth-watering range of delicious meals that our chef provides is eagerly enjoyed by all the children. We make meal time a social occasion where they can eat their meal with their friends. All our meals, including the baby meals are prepared on the premises daily. Eating with the other children encourages them to try new things like different vegetables and food and this broadens their experience. It can be very difficult for a new parent to have to leave their child with a nursery so make it the best one you can find and come to us.

If you are a working parent and are returning to work after time off with your little one you will want to be sure that they are well looked after. In Norris Green, kids nursery staff are all professional trained as well as being friendly and kind to the little ones. Our priority is the safety and well being of your child. The nursery has a very warm and caring atmosphere and is very inviting to children. Socialisation is one of the most important things your child will ever develop and it starts when they are very young. At our nursery we allow the children to make friend with others of their own age and help them to learn about sharing and caring.

Your child will find our kids nursery in Norris Green exciting and stimulating. We provide a safe and secure environment where they can make friends and enjoy learning while playing. Contact Kiddy Factory today or visit us with your child to inspect our premises. We have helped numerous children get ready for the rigours of school by making sure they are confident and sociable. This allows them to integrate easily and to enjoy the new experiences life has to offer.  We encourage parents to visit our excellent facilities and see what their child will experience. Give your children an excellent start to their education!

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