Childcare Centre in Allerton

Childcare Centre in AllertonWhen you select a childcare centre in Allerton, don’t ever compromise on quality.At Kiddy Factory, we understand a parent’s anxiety and concern about entrusting their precious children to a care facility. The early years are crucial in a child’s life when most physical, emotional and mental development takes place. Parents may have their own career and financial commitments and need support. Being separated from their child is a difficult transition for both parents and children and we aim to make it as smooth and comfortable as possible. We use scientifically proven, tried and tested methods that are recognised and well-established in the field of childcare. All our staff are highly-qualified, trained and most importantly, they love children. They are trained to create a stimulating environment that boosts brain and body development while keeping safety uppermost.

Mums returning to work, going back to their studies or exploring new career choices require all the support that they can get. In Allerton, childcare centres may be easily available, but not all of them are reliable, provide good quality service or are affordable. We offer the personalised touch along with the best of international grade service, in a carefully supervised, caring, warm and friendly environment. We cater to children aged six months to five years of age, keeping the child’s safety, comfort, joy and well-being uppermost. We also offer a wide selection of delicious, fresh meals suitable for a child’s palate, including baby meals. Our food is freshly prepared on site by our highly-trained chef.

Our childcare centre in Allerton has all the necessary licenses and certifications in compliance with current British Standards. We have eleven separate activity rooms where children get appropriate activities and play according to their age. When you are looking for a childcare centre that will meet your child’s needs, contact Kiddy Factory. Our family run business is valued by clients in neighbouring areas and beyond for its excellent atmosphere, great facilities and the quality and dedication of our staff. We partner you in giving your child the best. You can talk to your tax consultant and verify whether you can claim the childcare element of Working Tax Credit to help you pay the costs.


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