Childcare Centre in Mossley Hill

Childcare Centre in Mossley HillFind the right childcare centre in Mossley Hill if you need to return to work. For new parents, the thought of leaving your young children with complete strangers for 8-10 hours per day can be daunting, not to mention overwhelming. You will be pleased to discover that Kiddy Factory offers childcare facilities with an emphasis on child safety, comfort and security. You are more than welcome to pay us a visit. Have a look at our happy and safe environment, chat with our professional and caring team, and see why we are the childcare centre for your child.

It can be challenging to leave your child when you return to work. In Mossley Hill, our childcare centre is ideal for your babies, toddlers and young children. We have different age groups in our centre and your child will be placed in the group best suited to his needs. Offering an efficient and professional childcare service, you can be sure that your child will be well-cared for by loving, caring and professional childminders. Our facilities have been designed with the young child in mind. Each age group has its own classroom, where it has all the educational toys and resources suitable for the child. Our teachers are qualified, and are dedicated to the children in their care. We know how important it is for young minds and bodies to receive the right nutrition, and we have our own on-site chef who prepares delicious and wholesome meals for the children. We aim to make each mealtime an enjoyable social occasion.

We take great pride in our unique childcare centre in Mossley Hill, and we are proud to say that our reputation speaks for itself! We know just how special each child is, and we encourage our children to learn, play, and enjoy the company of their friends. If you would like to find out more about happy childcare centre, contact Kiddy Factory today. Why not pay us a visit and chat to our staff? We welcome visitors, and you can see how happy, and secure our centre is.

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