Kids Nursery in Wavertree

Kids Nursery in WavertreeEvery child is unique, and that’s why it’s important for parents to visit our kids nursery in Wavertree. It’s important to know that the nursery will work for the child as well. At Kiddy Factory, we work extensively to offer parents’ peace of mind knowing their child will be safe on the premises, plus, they will have a very positive environment in which to learn and play. Our teachers and attendants are all qualified to work with very young children and will provide personal attention to each child.

Our Ofsted registered nursery provides a well-rounded service, not only are the teachers well trained and qualified in their fields, but we also have a chef working full time. In Wavertree, a kids nursery is an excellent facility where each child is encouraged to develop holistically. Children learn through play, and by interacting and playing with others, many areas of their development will be catered to. These include their communication skills, social and emotional development, as well as their physical and cognitive skills. We pride ourselves on the unique concept that we implement, the dedication of our teachers and all staff involved, our excellent facilities and our open relationship with parents and young children. If you would like to see the premises for yourself, you can just drop in! We would love to show you around; the different rooms where the children are grouped according to their ages, the activity areas filled with various games to help them learn while they are playing, our baby room, where it’s cosy and quiet, and very secure for babies as young as 6 weeks. Our priority is the well-being of your child, and we can assure you the children will spend lovely moments at Kiddy Factory.

Our dedicated staff at the kids nursery in Wavertree will care for and encourage your child to carry out activities and learn social etiquette suited to their age. We will work towards a smooth transition until it’s time for your beloved baby to start primary school! To find out more about our kids nursery, contact Kiddy Factory. You are more than welcome to pay us a visit – there’s no need for an appointment.

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