From the age of 36 months your child will be gently eased into our Pre‑school nursery.

The Governments guidelines for Preschool education (EYFS )is followed although there is enough scope for the children to be encouraged at their level. By employing learning through play techniques, the children are able to enjoy the activities undertaken while being encouraged to be inquisitive and have the confidence to ask questions.We help to promote your child’s independence, speech, tidiness, co‑operation with others, good manners and table etiquette.
Manipulative skills become finer and the children are able to fasten shoes, dress and undress, brush their hair, have good pencil control and have the ability to use scissors properly.Memory skills are developed by means of games, rhymes and discussion about the weekend. By talking about the days of the week, the weather and seasons, the child’s awareness of the world around them is increased.
With much care and encouragement given by the dedicated staff and by following activities suited to the age, this should all add up to the smoothest possible transition into Primary school.The Pre‑school years are important formative years and it is our aim to provide many activities in a happy and relaxed environment which will help your child reach their full potential. They will learn to identify, speak, be mobile, be tidy and well‑mannered, all of which provide some foundations for social, physical and intellectual progress in years to come.

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